• Google Classroom will be our main platform for assignments and announcements this school year.  All students will sign up for Google Classroom via their school ID number.  Google Classroom is a free program and should be easily accesble on any computer or phone, but if if you have any issues, please let me know.  


    Do not use your personal Gmail account for Classroom.  It will not work, honestly, it won't.   


    To set yourself up, go to Google and login using the following information:


    password: You will have to create a new password after the initial login – DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD! 


    Once logged in, go to www.classroom.google.com.  From there, scroll to bottom of the page and choose student.  Click the + sign and enter the code (given in class) for your block.


    If your password has been reset, you will need to use your birth date (MMDDYY) to login the first time and then create a new password. 


    Once logged in, go to www.classroom.google.com.  From there, scroll to bottom and choose student.  Click the + sign and enter the code I gave you for your block.