• Parent Resource Center

    A list of LCPS employees who provide tutoring to our students is listed on the Parent Resource Center website. The PRC in no way recommends or guarantees certification or costs of individual tutors. This list is a service LCPS offers, but all arrangements are made between parent(s) and tutor.  


    National Honor Society Tutoring  

    Riverside students may request a tutor on the NHS website for a particular subject area.


    Riverside Tutoring List  

    RVHS maintains the List of Tutors and tutorial services who provide instructional services for a fee. While we do ask the tutors to identify specific courses they are willing to tutor, we often do not know the tutors and cannot testify to their educational or personal backgrounds. We do not screen the tutors in any way. We leave it to the parents of interested students to interview the tutor to determine the financial terms involved and appropriateness of the match between tutor and students.

    For more information or questions regarding tutoring, please contact the School Counseling Office at (703) 554-8907