Our school plays an important role in maintaining a thriving rural community!
    The Hamilton PTA is an active advocate for our school and ALL of our children.  
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    It's important that we all...
    Vote in elections, Understand the LCPS Budget Process, AND
    Email our School Board and Board of Supervisor representatives about our concerns.
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    Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2020 - FY 2025 CIP/CAPP




    Hamilton Elementary PTA in partnership with Aldie Elementary PTA and Lucketts Elementary PTA submitted a Resolution to the Virginia PTA requesting recognition of the 3 decades worth of research documenting the academic benefits of small community centered schools. As part of the Resolution, we also asked that Virginia PTA advocacy efforts support the creation of state maintenance funding to support renovations in the 40% of Virginia schools that are more than 50 years old, as well as support revisions to staffing standards for the 14% of Virginia schools with less than 299 students
    NATIONAL Participation: The National PTA is the largest child advocacy association in the United States. National PTA Leaders meet with the Secretary of Education and members of Congress and the House of Representatives to shape policy and regulations that impact schools across the country. Click on the link to read the National PTA's Federal Policy Agenda, research legislation in Congress and see the PTA's position on it, get sample letters you can send to your representatives and sign-up for "Take Action Alerts". You can also follow the National PTA on facebook for updates on legislation. 
    STATE Participation: The Virginia State PTA also has a legislative program and issues position statements on a variety of topics that affect our schools and the funding we receive from the State of Virginia. at a state level. Virginia PTA leaders meet with state legislators and the State Department of Education to advocate for those concerns.  Every October our local PTA members vote on the position statements and policy for the coming year.  Don't miss the October PTA meeting - it's a good opportunity to weigh in on what impacts us at a state level.  You are also able to draft a resolution and present it (through our PTA) to be considered as a advocacy action item at the state or national level.  
    LOCAL Participation     --- 4 WAYS TO GET INVOLVED --- 
    > Hamilton Elementary School PTA  provides you with the forum and tools to collectively influence the decisions that affect children at OUR school. We can help you draft a resolution for consideration by the State or National PTA. You can also join our PTA Officers to meet with LCPS school board members and attend their meetings to advocate for our needs at a county level. 
    LEAP (LCPS' Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents),
    MSAAC (LCPS' Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee),
    SEAC (LCPS' Special Education Advisory Committee).  
    UNDERSTAND the Loudoun County Public School BUDGET Process:
    (also see Brenda Sheridan's Budget Process Citizen's 101)
    STEP 1 - Capital Budget - (October/November): The Superintendent, Dr.Williams, prepares and presents a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Capital Asset Preservation Program (CAPP) Budget to the LCPS School Board. This budget is for building and maintaining schools and their facilities.
    STEP 2 - Operating Budget - (January): Dr. Williams presents an Operating Budget which will fund the operation of our schools (pays for salaries, learning programs, technology, transportation, supplies etc). The School Board then reviews the Superintendent's requested budget and makes adjustments based on their analysis and public feedback. The LCPS School Board adopts an Operating Budget that is sent to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. 
    STEP 3 - County Funding - (March to April): Based on the tax revenue that the county expects to collect, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will set and approve a county budget that includes transportation, schools, fire/rescue etc.  The "County Operating Budget" includes an allocation of funds, or a budget, for the LCPS system to operate.  The Supervisors separately fund a Capital Budget for the construction of new schools and maintenance.  The Board of Supervisors generally works on the County Budget in March and adopts a final County budget and real tax rate in the first week of April. 
    STEP 4 - Revisions - (April): IF the Supervisors set their allocation of funding for the schools to be lower than the LCPS Operating Budget that the School Board had adopted, then the School Board will make cuts to their Operating Budget to align with the amount of money the Supervisors will provide for schools.  Any cuts to the adopted LCPS Operating Budget (as a result of under-funding by the County) occur in April. 
    CIP = Capital Improvement Plan (Includes new building information, renovations, school capacity & enrollment)
    CAAP = Capital Asset Preservation Program (Includes spending for plumbing, electricity, HVA, resurfacing, structure changes)
    candidate interview & public hearing 11/26/18
    6:30 pm LCPS Admin building 
    Catoctin (Hamilton, Waterford, Lincoln) 
    Beth Huck 
    At-Large (All LCPS Schools)
    Jill Turgeon
    Blue Ridge (Aldie, Banneker, Lincoln)
     Entire School Board
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    Geary Higgins
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    Please note that when e-mailing the School Board or Board of Supervisors individually or collectively, such correspondence is subject to public inspection under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).