• Bring Your Own Technology


    What is BYOT?

    BYOT is a major initiative being developed and supported by Loudoun County Public Schools. BYOT will provide wireless access to all students and staff within the building during regular school hours. This access will be provided to allow students to work on school assignments and projects in an online collaborative environment. One frequently asked question is what constitutes a device that will provide the resources for a student to be successful in this environment.

    What is a device?

    This will largely be a user choice issue. There are many devices that will work on the new system to supply Internet access; however, the choice of the device should be pragmatic. A keyboard interface is strongly suggested, and the ability to download and install software will be helpful. A device can be a laptop, tablet type device, or phone.

    Does it have to be a new device?

    No. Any device that is mobile will be ok. However, if the device is a Windows laptop, the operating system should be Windows 7 or later.

    Does my child have to bring a device to school?

    No. Computer resources that are available to students at school will continue to be supplied. The option to bring a device to school is at the discretion of the student and parent of the student.

    Does the student or parent have to install specific software on the device?

    No. Most devices will already have an Internet browser installed which is the minimal requirement for the device. LCPS has worked to provide free access to Office 365 online and Office 2013, which can be downloaded onto most devices. If additional software is required by the student that is not provided by LCPS, such as Adobe Photoshop or other specialized software, that software will be the responsibility of the user to purchase and install on the device.

    Who supplies technical support for the device?

    All technical support for the device will be supplied by the purchaser of the device. Wireless access will be provided by LCPS, however any necessary configuration of the device is the responsibility of the owner of the device.

    Will charging stations be provided?

    The device is expected to be charged before being brought to school. LCPS and WHS will not be providing charging resources for devices. If a student brings the charger for the device to school and an outlet is available, it may be used by student to charge the device. However additional outlets and power strips will not be provided by the school for this purpose.

    Are there any specific devices recommended for use by teachers or students?

    No, at this time, LCPS has not made specific device recommendations for use at school. Devices used by students should allow the user to connect to the open wireless network to access Internet resources. The open wireless should be provided in January, 2016.

    What are the guidelines for use of a device at school?

    Wireless access is provided by LCPS to students to use an instructional resource. Appropriate use must be in compliance with the LCPS Acceptable/Responsible Use Policy.


    Additional information concerning BYOT can be found here on the Loudoun County Public Schools website.