Behavior Supports
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    TASN teacher resources folder
    Kansas Technical Assistance Network (TASN) Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports Resource Center offers a “Classroom Materials Catalogue” with a wealth of free downloadable visual behavioral supports in PDF format.
    CCCOE social skills CCCOE: Teaching Social Skills
    Lesson plans, visuals, and interactive student activities

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    CSEFEL: Practical Strategies for Teachers
    Tools that encourage young children's social-emotional development, including scripted social stories, book resources, and visual supports
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    Watch Me Learn: What is Video Modeling?
    Video teaching method that occurs by watching a video of someone modeling a targeted behavior or skill and then imitating it.

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    Watson Institute: Teacher Resources
    Variety of visual supports including behavior stories, classroom tools, and social skills curriculum, available in MS Word and PowerPoint

    TASN logo TASN: Social Narratives
    Bank of social narrative stories to provide learners with insight into social situations, available in MS Word, Powerpoint, Boardmaker, and PDF

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Last Modified on January 15, 2021