•  Wednesday, November 4, 2015- Plans for English 10H Block 5/ Block 8

    What are we doing today? 

    1.  Read Part 2 Reflections of Everyday Life pg. 106- take notes on this section (the intro paragraph directly above the contents of this section).  This part of today's lesson needs to be done INDEPENDENTLY!!

    2.  Read England's First Great Writer on pg.107  This part of today's lesson needs to be done INDEPENDENTLY!! Your notes should be able to complete these statements
    a.  Chaucer's enormous mark...
    b. Chaucer's was one of the first to...
    c. Chaucer's work is considered...
    d.  Chaucer is a groundbreaking...
    3.  For each labeled section in the textbook- collect the specific number of facts indicated below.  This part of today's lesson can be done with your LIFELINE
    BEFRIENDED BY ROYALS--- 5 important facts
    EARLY INSPIRATIONS--- 5 important facts
    TURBULENT TIMES--- 5 important facts
    FRUITFUL YEARS--- 3 important facts
    UNCOMMON HONOR--- 2 important facts   You should end up with 20 facts from these pages.   ---THIS MUST BE TURNED IN TODAY!!!
    4.  Read and take notes on the Author Study- Author's Style: Chaucer's Realism as Entertainment (key aspects of Chaucer's Style) pg. 168 THIS MUST BE TURNED IN TODAY!!!
    5.  Use the classroom materials (white computer paper, markers, crayons, etc.) to construct an informational brochure about Geoffrey Chaucer and his writing contributions to British Literature.  Keep in mind what an informational brochure is expected to do-- provide specific, critical information and details about a particular topic/subject!!  The brochure must be neat and it must demonstrate your understanding of the reading material for today, as well as your ability to identify necessary information within a text.  ---THIS MUST BE TURNED IN TODAY!!!
    6.  Read and take notes on Analyzing structure on pg. 154 * structure * frame story --- KEEP THIS IN YOUR NOTEBOOK
    PDF files for today's lesson below:        
    Please note- students should be able to complete 1-6 during class.  If students are not using their time wisely, their productivity will be noted and assessed based on how much they accomplish!
    What should students do next?
    1.  Read Build Background on page 171 "Plagued by Love"-- pay attention to the information about "Federigo's Falcon" under the Build Background
    2.  Analyzing Cause & Effect- create a graphic organizer like the example under the Analyzing Cause & Effect section.  Keep track of the cause and effect relationships WHILE READING the short story.
    3.  After reading the story- review the student-created prezi.  Is the information accurate?  Do you agree or disagree with the student's interpretation of the short story?  If yes, you must use textual evidence to support your claim.  If no, you must use textual evidence to support your claim- meaning you must include specific information from the story to support your thoughts.
    Next class we will have a quick-quiz on today's topics.  Please make sure you have read the short story, finished the graphic organizer, and have a written response that includes your evaluation of the student-created prezi.