• Don't forget the following class policies.  See the attached links AP Human Geo Policies and Expectations and AP Psych Policies and Expectations for more details.
    1.  Grades are weighted 90% summative (quizzes, tests, and projects) and 10% formative (homework and classwork)
    2.  Late work will be accepted to document learning
    • One (1) day late: highest grade up to a 90%
    • Turned in next class day: highest grade up to an 80%
    • Turned in within 10 calendar school days of due date: highest grade up to an 80%
    • Turned in on day 11: I will not accept it
    3.  Students have one week to make up any missed quizzes or tests.  After one week, it will be a zero.
    4.  As per the Riverside test retake policy, any student who receives an 83% or lower on a test, may do a retake.  However, remediation MUST be completed before a reassessment can be done.  This remediation can only be done before school with me.  Retakes are done to ensure mastery of the information. They will be only be given on Monday and Tuesday mornings before school and once a week after school on the day of the late bus (TBD).  The remediation and retake assignments MUST be completed before the next summative assessment.     
    5. Cellphone policy: Red (out of sight and put away), Yellow (use at teacher discretion for instructional purposes), Green (general use)