• General Information - See the syllabus for expectations, general procedures, and grading practices. 
    Notes, Homework, and Study Guides - These documents can be found on Phoenix StudentVUE/ParentVUE. For any homework assignment, notes and a blank copy of the homework will be attached to the assignment. For any tests, study guides will be attached to the assignment. You can simply click on the assignment or test in either the calendar or gradebook view and look for the attached resources. Feel free to email me with any questions; mary.h.brenneman@lcps.org. However, please be aware that I rarely check work email from home.
    Nine-Week Plan The timeline for Quarter 3 is attached. The timeline shows the topic(s) to be taught or activity to be implemented on each day of the quarter. The "Text" column of the timeline provides the section of the textbook to which the lesson corrseponds. The textbook is available to students online through LCPS Go. The app is called Pearson EasyBridge. Students can find additional practice problems by using the online textbook. *Note: The nine-week plan is subject to change due to unforeseen schedule changes. Please see StudentVUE/ParentVUE for the most accurate assignment dates.