Moorefield Station School Counseling Mission Statement
             The Moorefield Station School Counseling Program dedicates itself to developing a safe, caring, and nurturing environment to allow all students to achieve academically, socially, and emotionally.  We strive to instill respect and acceptance while fostering resilience and confidence in our students.  
     Moorefield Station School Counseling Vision Statement 
             Moorefield Station students embrace and thrive in a culturally diverse learning environment that develops children who are caring, considerate, and appreciative.  We believe students who are taught to be inquisitive, responsible, and motivated will embrace lifelong learning in this ever changing world. 
    In particular, students will:
    • Use curiosity and critical thinking skills to meet progressive academic challenges 
    • Appreciate cultural diversity and demonstrate an ability to adapt to a culturally evolving environment
    • Engage and appropriately use existing and emerging technologies
    • Demonstrate social and emotional confidence through interaction with peers, teachers, administrators and parents
    • Possess knowledge and skills regarding personal safety and healthy choices including respect for others, personal privacy, and managing peer pressure
    • Actively engage in exploration of individual skills and interests so they are knowledgeable about careers and goal oriented about their future in the world