• Accessible Materials
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    National Center on Accessible Educational Materials
    Resources and technical assistance for those interested in learning more about AEM and implementing AEM

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    The PALM Initiative
    Guidance on consideration of accessibility when acquiring or creating educational materials

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    Find accessible materials for eligible K-12 students with IEPs in Virginia

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    Library Resources
    LCPS staff and students can access a wide variety of online books and research materials that offer a variety of accessibility features, including ebooks and audiobooks, through LCPS GO.

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    Loudoun County Public Libraries eBooks & Audio Books
    Access a variety of formats with a county library card

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    Read & Write's Scan Feature
    Make any text accessible with OCR technology and text-to-speech tools

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    Creating Accessible PDFs with Adobe
    Whether you want to learn how to access electronic information more effectively or how to create accessible content, there are a variety of Adobe® Acrobat® accessibility training resources available.

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    For those that qualify, create a free, personal account to access a variety of accessible books of all genres and topics

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    A collection of eBook resources including online collections and royalty-free texts

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Last Modified on January 15, 2021