• Job-for-a-Day Program

    The Job For A Day program is scheduled for November 13, 2019
    (Secondary Date for Inova Hospital placements only:  November 18, 2019)

    Dates:   October 11th @ 5 PM:  Job listings available for preview

                  October 14th - 21st:     Student Registration  https://webinter.lcps.org/CommunityConnections/

                  October 23rd:              Placement Letters Emailed

                  November 8th:             Student/Parent Agreements Due

     How to apply:

    1)  Create a resume in Naviance Student --Go to the About Me tab, then My Stuff, then Resume. If you need help, please stop by the Career Center for assistance.  You will be asked to upload your resume when you apply on the 14th.

    2)  Complete a simple application between Oct 14 and Oct 21 beginning at 8AM by going to the Job For A Day website at:  https://webinter.lcps.org/CommunityConnections/StudentIntro (You will be able to preview available jobs starting October 11 @ 5PM).

    3)  Download parent/student agreement and bring a signed copy to your career center specialist.  We also have printed copies in the Career Center for your convenience.

    • Not all students will be placed due to high demand. *Students who sign up are expected to have a high commitment to the experience and schedule themselves and their schoolwork according to the Job for a Day expectations. 


    • Students are responsible for their own transportation.  If this presents a major problem, we are advising students to please discuss it with the Career Center Assistant or their Counselor.


    Use this link for more info via a powerpoint presentation:  Job For A Day Info


    Watch this short video for a better understanding video link


    The Loudoun School-Business Partnership sponsors the Job-for-a-Day Program for high school juniors and seniors.  Students who participate in the program will spend one day with a business in the community that is involved in a career in which the student is interested.

    • Allow students to explore fields in which they have an interest or aptitude.
    • Offer students exposure to career fields about which they have not previously known.
    • Strengthen students’ awareness of business, industry, and business enterprises within the community.
    • Heighten students’ decision-making processes related to life skills and career choices.
    • Provide students with hands-on experiences with people, places, and things not always available in the classroom or school environment.
    • Help students learn about job/career opportunities within the local area.
    • Students have 15 minutes to complete their registrations in order to keep the job they want. If they take longer than 15 minutes to click submit, there is a chance that another student could take that job if they are registering at roughly the same time.
    • Once a student submits their registration/application, they have 48 hours (or 2 business days) to return the Student/Parent Agreement to the Career Center. If they don’t there is a great possibility they’ll lose the job they chose and would have to either re-register or not attend. This is not an automated process, but manual.
    • City/State locations will now be shown in the list of jobs, so a student will know ahead of time if they are able to get themselves to the site


    Students have 15 minutes to complete their registration in order to keep the job they want. Be sure to have your resume ready to upload.