• Trailside Middle School is taking part in the WordMasters Challenge™.  It is a vocabulary competition based on completing analogies. Meets will be held at TMS three times per year.   Scores are reported with public and private schools throughout the country.

    Improving vocabulary skills using analogies:

    • Develops verbal reasoning abilities
    • Addresses higher-order thinking skills
    • Emphasizes logic and reading comprehension
    Google Classroom
     Announcements, study session dates, and resources will be posted in Google Classroom.
    Join codes will be sent out through English teacher emails.  

    Contact Mrs. Posada with any questions at Lisa.Posada@lcps.org

     Study Resources 
    Steps for Success:
    • Study your word lists for your grade level - use Quizlet, online dictionaries, and word graphic organizers it understand all definitions and parts of speech..
    • Learn about analogies using the study guide.  The WordMasters Challenge tests your knowledge of the definitions using analogies. 
     All Grade Level Resources