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    Career and Transition Services


    The Career and Transition team is focused on helping students plan for and gain competencies to prepare them for post-high school college, career and life. The team consists of a Transition Teacher/Facilitator and Job Coach at each high school, whom work with the Special Education Case Managers in each of their high schools and middle schools on student Transition planning for all students with an IEP ages 14 to 22. We also have a post high school program in the community for students with an IEP ages 18-22, who are interested and meet the criteria for acceptance and this program is called CAST. The Community and Schools Together/CAST program has four placement groups throughout Loudoun County, with one Transition Teacher/Consultant and one Job Coach with each group. CAST has a limited number of seats available and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Contact a Transition Teacher/Facilitator or the Career and Transition Administration Support Team for further information. This year LCPS received a grant to create a Project SEARCH program for selected students who: a) have received an applied studies diploma b) are willing to participate in a 10-month program of classwork and unpaid internships c) apply and are accepted into the grogram, d) agree to the upcoming school year will be their last year of student services through LCPS, and e) have been determined eligible for competitive employment and in service status with the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS). The Project SEARCH program in LCPS is the National Conference Center Project SEARCH. Applications for this program will be accepted each spring. The Special Education Advisory Council/SEAC holds monthly meetings and is the parent advisory group open to any parent interested. Parents are invited to go to https://www.lcps.org/seac for more information.

    The Career and Transition team in the schools and community is supported by three LCPS Administration Office staff; a Special Education Supervisor and two Transition Specialists. The support team provides IEP support, training, program management, community outreach and partnerships, and curriculum development. The Career and Transition team invites businesses interested in providing work experience, training or paid jobs, to contact the Transition Specialist, Janet Clarke at 571-252-1011.


    Special Education Supervisor: Bridget Gorey (571) 252-1011
    Transition Specialist: Janet Clarke (571) 252-1011
    Transition Specialist: Mary Young (571) 252-1011

Last Modified on August 15, 2017