Career and Transition Services

    (Applies to Transition Planning in the IEP for Ages 14+)


    Career and Transition helps students plan for independence in post-high school life. There is a Transition Teacher and Job Coach at each high school, who work with the Special Education teachers in each of their high schools and middle schools on student transition planning for all students with an IEP, ages 14 to 22. Transition Teachers also work with students individually and families, as needed, and some transition teachers teach Career Pathways or co-teach Personal Finance or other classes. There are also two Loudoun County Public Schools post Applied Students Diploma programs for students with an IEP, ages 18-22, whom have a need for additional training and education before exiting LCPS and whom are interested and meet the criteria for acceptance to the programs.


    One post Applied Studies Diploma program is the Community and Schools Together (CAST) program, which has six locations throughout Loudoun County, primarily in schools, with one Transition Teacher and one or more Job Coaches at each location, working with students in businesses to provide workplace readiness and independent living skills. The program utilizes curriculum aligned with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 22 Workplace Readiness Skills framework and resources http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/career_technical/workplace_readiness/index.shtml . CAST has approximately forty-two students each year. Applications for the new school year are due by March 1st. CAST does receive openings throughout the school year, so applications are also accepted on a rolling basis.

    The other post Applied Studies Diploma program is Project SEARCH ®, which has ten seats each year and is located at the National Conference Center in the Lansdowne area. The program is like CAST; however, Project Search candidates must have been determined eligible for competitive employment and be in “service status” with the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) to qualify to apply since Project Search is offered through a partnership grant with DARS. There is a Transition Teacher and two job coaches in this program and one of the job coaches is provided by DARS. Applications for this program are accepted each spring, typically by March 1st. Contact a Transition Teacher or Career and Transition Administration at CareerAndTransition@LCPS.org for further information on either CAST or Project Search.

    The Career and Transition team in the schools and community is supported by three LCPS Administration Office staff; a Special Education Supervisor and two Transition Specialists. The support team provides IEP support, training, program management, community outreach and partnerships, as well as curriculum development. The Career and Transition team invites businesses to partner who are interested in providing work experience, training or paid jobs for students. Contact CareerAndTransition@lcps.org if you are an interested business and someone will follow up with you.





Last Modified on September 18, 2019