• Absentee Policy and Make-Up Work
    Students in Algebra I and Geometry are given more freedoms. Along with those freedoms comes more responsibility. Students missing class are responsible for meeting Mr. Boring (outside of instructional time) to acquire and make up any outstanding assignments.
    Below, I have taken the time to outline how a student should make up work in Mr. Boring's class. 
    Finding Assignments and Make-Up Work 
    I take the time to scan and upload all of the homework assignments for my classes to a Google Classroom. The assignments can be seen in the class Google Calendar. To access the assignments online, your child must be part of the Google Classroom. Parents can access Google Classroom using thier child's login. Google Classroom codes are given the first day of school and can be found in StudentVUE under Announcements.
    Phoenix is the system ERMS uses as a gradebook. Phoenix is still a relatively new system. This is the 3rd year we have used this system. Phoenix will be used for grading purposes only. Phoenix is the software the StudentVUE & ParentVUE is linked to.
    Making Up Assessments 
    Formative and summative assessments are not available online as the math department has chosen not to share this content. To make up these assignments, students must meet with Mr. Boring and schedule a time to complete them. Assignments can be made up during resource or after school. I am available after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday most every week. Failure to make up these assessments will result in a failing grade for that assignment. 
    All other assignments can be found in Google Classroom / Calendar. Google Classroom contains class presentations, notes, checkpoints, homeworks, and homework answer sheet among other things. Paper copies are stapled and placed into a folder in the back of the room by an absent student's team members. Also, Videos of lessons related to content we are learning in class can be found using the link to the left, "How-to Videos".
    -As stated in the math department's retake policy, to be eligible for a retake (on summative assessments), all assignments must be completed by the date that the study guide is due.
    -If a student is absent when an assignment is due, it is the student's responsibility to show Mr. Boring the assignment by the next day the class meets. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade on that assignment.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How are homeworks scored?
       The math department scores homework assignments in a similar fashion. Students who fully complete the assignment on time will receive a 100%  (or a 4 out of 4) . Students who fully complete the assignment late will receive a 75% (or a 3 out of 4). Students who do not fully complete the assignment will receive a 50% (2 out of 4). 
    My son/daughter had trouble with the homework. Is it okay if he/she didn't complete the assignment?
       It is required that all students fully complete the assignment. I fully realize that students may have trouble with the assignments at times. This is why I rarely grade homeworks for correctness. I only ask that students put forth a strong effort on every problem on the assignment. 
    How do I know which assignments need to be made up? 
       All assignments are dated when they were given and when they are due in Phoenix. Assignments with no entry in the grade book mean that the student was absent when the assignment was given or when the assignment was due. These assignments need to be made up and turned in to Mr. Boring. Failure to do so will result in a 50% on that assignment. Assignments receiving a score of 50% are assignments that have not been completed. Assignments may be located on the class Google Calendar.
    I cannot find the handout for my missing assignment. What should I do?
       All homework assignments will be listed in Google Calendar except some summative assignments.
    How much does an assignment affect my grade?
       Please click on the link titled, "Weighting of Assessments." 
    I performed poorly on an assignment. How can I improve my grade? Can I have a retake or do some sort of extra credit?
       The math department has a no extra credit policy. There are opportunities for retakes on summative assessments (unit tests). To be eligible for a retake on a summative assessment please read the math department retake policy. This can be found by clicking on the link to the left.
                Note: Only summative assessments can be retaken. 
    My son/daughter needs extra practice on a particular topic. Do you have anything they can do?
       On my webpage, I have listed links for each of my classes. These links contain videos to most lessons in the curriculum. You can find these website links to the left of this page. 
       Additionally, students may attend Algebra / Geometry Clinic after school (Usually on Mondays) as it is made available. Students are expected to show up with work and questions. Students who show up without materials will be dismissed. 
    What is the link to the Phoenix website?
        Here is the link to the site:    https://portal.lcps.org/  
    I am having trouble accessing Phoenix. How do I access/use Phoenix?
       The Loudoun County Public Schools website has details and frequently asked questions regarding the Phoenix Grade Book. Here is a link to that site:    https://www.lcps.org/Page/141445