New Student Ambassador Club

  • Our Mission: To offer a welcoming environment to incoming, new John Champe HS students. Our main emphasis is to provide new students with a tour of the school, show them where their classes are, etc. As members of the New Student Ambassador Club we use this time to answer any questions the new student might have. In addition, we make every effort to follow up with the new student to ensure they feel welcome at John Champe. We look forward to developing more ways to help our students feel welcome!

    Meetings: TBA

    Where: TBA


    President - Victoria Kim (12th)

    Vice President - Anvitha Anumolu (12th) 

    Secretary - Jessie Minster (11th)

    Treasurer - Jenna Clark (12th)
    Historian - Morgan McDowell (12th)
    Staff Sponsor - Mr. Forster