Beowulf PDF     Started reading 10-1-15 (A)/ 10-2-15 (B) 

    Homework:  Finish reading the Grendel section and the Beowulf section (pg. 39)
    Look for and identify (highlight/circle/square, etc.) descriptions of Grendel, Beowulf, and God.  Search for and identify examples of alliteration within tonight's reading.  Identify the various examples of dichotomy within the assigned pages as well.  Print out the pages or write them out/screen shot and write down target information (options on how to get the homework done). 
    Anglo-Saxon Notes   Be sure to get the notes if you were absent earlier this week.  These notes will be a part of your upcoming quiz & future assessments for the Anglo-Saxon Unit!!!
    Have a great weekend!  Try to stay dry!!