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    Naviance Student makes it easier than ever for you to answer the questions that will shape your future: Who am I? What do I want to be? How will I get there? and How will I succeed?

    Naviance Student is a mobile-responsive site that employs intuitive tools that personalize and simplify the college and career planning process.


    Find Your Fit

    SuperMatch College Search: Receive a list of best-fit schools based on criteria that you deem as important in your college search.


    College Match: See and quickly favorite the other schools that students are applying to when they have also applied to a school from your favorites list.  Additionally, check out other colleges that have accepted students with stats like your own.


    Scattergrams: A graph used to help you analyze how you fit in with other students from your high school who have been accepted or denied admittance to a school based on GPA and test scores.


    Advanced College Search: Using multiple categories, answer questions to identify colleges that match your interests and then save the search.


    College Lookup: Lookup a school by name, country, state, or college group.

    Research Colleges

    Colleges I'm Thinking About:A list of schools that you have identified as prospects


    College Compare: Add schools to compare the average GPA and test scores of students from your high school that have been accepted to that college during a time span.


    College Resources:  List of external web resources that may be valuable to your college search process.


    Acceptance History: An alphabetical list of colleges where someone from your school has been accepted and/or enrolled over a time span.


    College Maps: View an interactive map of schools based on a list of different pre-defined criteria.  For example, you can see a map of the colleges from your Colleges I'm Thinking About list.


    Enrichment Programs: Look for ways to get involved with your community and school, as well as possible internship opportunities and other events to build your experiences.

    Apply to Colleges

    Colleges I'm Applying To: A list of schools to which you have decided to apply.


    Letters of Recommendation: Request new and track existing letter of recommendation requests


    College Events: View a list of colleges that are hosting events and sign up for those of interest.


    Manage Transcripts: Add and review transcript requests, as well as view associated fees.


    Test Scores: View your key test scores, including SATs  Depending on school permissions, you may be able to add your own test scores.

    Scholarships and Money

    Scholarships I'm Applying To:  A list of scholarships to which you are applying.


    Scholarship List: A list of potentially relevant scholarships that you can review and add to your applications list.


    Scholarship Match: A list of scholarships that may be a suitable match for you based on scholarship requirements such as gender, ethnicity, GPA, etc.


    National Scholarship Search: An external site hosted by Sallie Mae that provides a list of potential scholarship matches based on personal criteria as associated with Naviance Student.


    Career Home


    Careers and Clusters I'm Thinking About:  View the careers and clusters that you have added to your favorites.


    Career Cluster Finder: Learn what career clusters may be a good match for you based on activities that interest you, personal qualities that you have, and subjects that you enjoy.


    Do What You Are: This assessment uses personality types to suggest careers and clusters that might be a good match.


    Career Key: Learn about and view careers associated with your Holland interest codes.


    Career Interest Profiler:  A career interest assessment that will display all your Holland Code matches.  Some schools may not have this assessment enabled.


    Explore More: Use this button to access the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive. This archive provides videos of experts sharing stories about different career paths.  You can search for a video speaker by interests, themes, leaders and playlists.


    To view more about Naviance Student, please see our Naviance Student Overview


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