• Thank you for your interest in volunteering.
    Check out the information below and thank you for giving back!
    Volunteer Coordinator, Robin Bono  Email robinmbono@gmail.com.
    Cornerstones: With more and more people experiencing economic and social stress, our volunteers make it possible to meet the needs of families and individual every step of the way.  From servicing food at the shelter to tutoring students, there are many roles to be filled.  For information, go to www.cornerstonesva.org/volunteer/.
    Loudoun Cares is another great way to find meaningful ways to give back in the Loudoun community.  Check out their website: loudouncares.org.
    Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation survives with the help of many volunteers.  Consider gaining some volunteer time with this group!  Visit their website http://https://lostdogrescue.org/participate/volunteer/.
    Volunteer Solutions: Volunteers are needed for meaningful opportunities to improve the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities.  Some examples of current volunteers are musicians, art class leaders, bingo callers and social visitors.  For information go to: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dfs/olderadultservices/volunteer-solutions.htm.
     Check out more opportunities on the School Counseling page (click on 'College & Career Center', then select 'Volunteer Opportunities').
    Teacher Recognition Committee: Dominion is seeking a few volunteers to help highlight teacher’s accomplishments on local, state and national levels.  If interested you would help with the nomination process for the Agnes Meyer, Shenandoah teacher of the year, and any others that could help recognize the accomplishments of the stellar teachers and faculty at Dominion.  Please contact Robin Bono if interested.
    Golf Tournament Committee: The biggest fundraiser of the year is the Dominion Golf Classic held each spring.  To make this so successful requires the dedication of a committee of volunteers.  If you would like to join the committee, or can help out in other ways, please contact Sue Kysela.
    Titan Cafe: Every day the Titan Cafe offers breakfast items to any Titan who is in school early, at no charge.  The Titan Cafe relies on the generosity of
    people's time, and donations so any help you can offer is welcomed and appreciated.  For more details check out the Titan Cafe webpage.


    Julie Challis.... "Volunteer of the Quarter" but really volunteer of the year!  She has selflessly been volunteering for Dominion over the past 6 years !!  Julie is organized, smart, positive and always willing to go the extra mile for anyone, no questions asked.  This past year she has truly juggled about 7 jobs and not once a complaint!

    Julie, YOU are really the best and we all love and appreciate you.  As your son Harry heads off to college, we all wish you and your family the best.  Thank you for all your service to Dominion High School over all these years!!
    Updated 6-03-18