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    Sponsor:  This is the person who travels with the MUN club to conferences and are often the ones who are in charge of the club.

    Mr. Karl Helmold (


    Secretary General:  This is the MUN equivalent to the president of a club.  Secretary Generals run club meetings, direct activities of the club in coordination with sponsors, coordinate club participation in conferences with other schools, and perform Head Delegate duties at all conferences.

    Under Secretary General:  This is the MUN equivalent to the vice president of a club.  They step in when the Secretary Generals are absent and help with daily club procedures.

    Historian:  This is the secretary of the club.  They write down what’s going on during meetings and keeps track of attendance to clubs and conferences.

    Treasurer:  This person handles the money and communicates with the club sponsor when it is time to sign up for conferences.

    Public Liaison:  This is the person who is in charge of publicity.  They oversee advertising and often go to places outside the school to promote the MUN Club.

    Fundraising Coordinator:  This person is in charge of fundraising events.  They keep track of who is supposed to be where and how the events will work.

    Web Coordinator:  This person is in charge of maintaining the MUN webpage on the Tuscarora website.  They communicate with the sponsor and Secretary Generals to keep the page updated.


Last Modified on August 4, 2023