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    Loudoun County Public Schools


    Welcome to 2018-2019 School Year!

    Thank you to those who made Walk to School Day a success!

    Virginia had over 350 events this year! Many schools in Loudoun held events that brought students, parents, community members, and school staff out walking!



    Pinebrook WTSD


     It is almost time for Crossing Guard Appreciation day!

    Start planning now for the event on February 13th, 2019.



    Spring Mini Grants-


    QuickStart Mini-grants are $1,000 reimbursement grants designed to get your Safe Routes to School program going and build momentum. Applications are reviewed six times throughout the school year: three times in the fall, and three times in the spring. To learn more and access the link to the online application, visit the Quick Start Mini Grant page


     Congratualations to Dave Becker who was named one of Virginia's Most Outstanding Crossing Guards!

    Dave Becker, Loudoun County Public Schools
    The nominations for Dave Becker make it clear he is a pillar in his community. As a crossing guard, he exceeds expectations in kindness, safety, and consistency, and people remark that he makes kids feel cared for as they start and end their day. While remaining attentive to students, he also waves to commuters and parents driving past. Dave is present during the heat, cold, rain, and snow, and always has a smile on his face while maintaining a safe environment for the children.

    Parents at Emerick Elementary and Blue Ridge Middle School appreciate his "kind-hearted approach and message. They are grateful to him for the value he places in his work." David is a retired firefighter, and continually seeks other opportunities to be involved, making announcements over the school loudspeakers and attending school events and musical productions. 





     Learn more about our Zone in, Not Out resources!


    What is SRTS? Safe Routes to School is a program that promotes and encourages walking and biking to school safely. The program is sustained by local, state, and federal governments, and is successful through the efforts of parents, schools, and community members LCPS has two SRTS coordinators that work with schools, parents, teachers, students, PTA’s and other related organizations to promote walking and biking to school, bicycle and pedestrian safety. Contact Valerie Mulhern Valerie.mulhern@lcps.org and Janice Jennings Janice.Jennings@lcps.org
    SRTS FOCUS- The 5 E's Evaluation – Monitoring and documenting dataEngineering – Creating  physical improvements to the infrastructure surrounding schools Education – Teaching children about the importance and benefits of safe biking and walking Encouragement – Using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling and to generate enthusiasm for the program with students, parents, staff and surrounding community. Enforcement – Partnering with local law enforcement toensure that traffic laws are obeyed in the vicinity of schools
    Why have SRTS in our school?
    Walking and biking to school not only decreases congestion and traffic around schools, it has proven to increase brain functioning and productivity among students, while decreasing obesity rates. Some of the events SRTS sponsors are Walk to School Day, Bike to School Day,  and Crossing Guard Appreciation. SRTS also supports the practice of regular walking school buses, bike rodeo's, and walk to school day events. Walking one mile to and from school each day is two-thirds of the recommended sixty minutes of physical activity a day. Children who walk to school have higher levels of physical activity throughout the day! SRTS Events 
    Let’s get started! If your  is school interested in SRTS program or activities please email Janice or Valerie for more information.
    SRTS has a variety resources online to help get programs started..
    Visit the national website- www.saferoutesinfo.org
    Visit the Virginia website- www.virginiadot.org/saferoutes
    Visit Walk and Bike to school website- www.walkbiketoschool.org
    Check out the mini grant options for your school- win $1000 grants to help fund a school event http://www.virginiadot.org/programs/srsm_quick_start_mini-grant_program.asp  
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