Math Tournament



      Tournament Information for Coaches and Parents


    • Teams

      • Only students studying in 6th, 7th or 8th grade will be allowed to join a team

      • Teams can have students from different schools

      • Teams can have students from different grade levels


    • Coach 

      • Every team should have a coach

      • The coach will act as a liaison between the team and the tournament director

      • It is suggested that the coach meet with the team for at least 10 hours prior to the tournament to work on solving sample problems and developing strategies for the team round of the tournament

      • The coach will keep the team parents informed of the tournament schedule

      • At the end of the team round, the students will be dismissed to the coach who will take responsibility for the students

      • Coach will be responsible for collecting emergency contact information for their students for the day of the tournament

      • In case of allergies or special accommodations, the coach will be responsible for informing the tournament director in advance to make arrangements

      • Coach will ensure that their students have packed lunch or purchased concessions

      • Create and foster a positive atmosphere of working collaboratively as a team