Math Tournament

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can a team have an assistant coach? - Yes. You can provide this information in the comments section during registration. Or you can email the tournament director any time at theMathTournament@gmail.com

    Can I coach 2 teams? - Yes. A coach can mentor and coach 2 teams. However, it is advisable that the coach have an assistant coach to help on the day of the tournament.

    Can a 5th grade student participate? - This is a middle school tournament and is only open to students in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

    Can a team have fewer than 5 students? - No, a team is required to have 5 students. The problems are very challenging and increase in difficulty from first to last.
    Can a team have students from different schools? - Yes.
    Can a team have students from different grades? - Yes, a team can have students from 6th, 7th or 8th grade.
    My child is interested but we do not have a team. Any suggestions? - Please ask your child to ask friends, classmates, math club members. Teams are coached by parents, you can ask other parents if anyone is forming a team.
    Can I substitute a kid on my team? - Yes, substitutions are allowed. Substitutions must be communicated to the tournament director at theMathTournament@gmail.com
    Can I change my team name? - Yes. Email the tournament director at theMathTournament@gmail.com
    When will you release the sample problem set? - Once the sample questions are released they will be emailed to the coaches. We do not have a date yet. However, you can purchase study materials from the Math Olympiads website - http://www.moems.org/
    Can lunch be pre ordered? - Each team will receive two cheese pizzas for lunch. Students and coaches are welcome to pack their snacks, drinks etc.
    I have a question not addressed here - Please email us at theMathTournament@gmail.com, we are happy to help.