• If you hare having difficulty accessing ParentVUE, please contact Kristin Bashore, Potowmack's Administrar at 571-434-3270
    In trying to help you, the parent, understand our new Phoenix Grade-book, I found that using the existing links and documents on the ParentVUE link most helpful.  The link can be accessed here on the right side of the screen under "Quick Links".
    However, here are some tricks and tips to help you understand a bit more.  
    • First, please be sure your contact is correct by selecting the blue tab labeled "My Account" and then the left gray tab that says "Update Account".  The information provided here will be the way that you are contacted through Phoenix Grade-book.  Any changes need to be made through here.  Teachers are unable to make changes for you.  

    • When you log in, your home screen will look something like this.  It defaults to view the current Marking Period, however, just be sure you are where you need to be!  From here, select the subject you would like to view by clicking on the blue link.
    Home View
    • You will then be taken to this screen which is blank!  That's ok though!   You are currently in "Assignment View".  LCPS grades based on Standards (SOLs), so that is where grades will be located.  
    • Simply select "Standards View" on the right in order to view graded items.  Once here, you will be able to view details regarding grades and assignments.

      Standards View  
    •  You will now see the subject you are viewing on the left white screen (which is discussed in the first photo), and tot he immediate right you will see the Standards (SOLs).  To see details, click on a Standard (link).  This will give you a lot of information!
    I hope this helps a bit.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or myself here
Last Modified on May 5, 2021