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    Your team or club may earn funds by signing up to run the concessions stand for a home athletic event.  There are two concessions stands: Upper (inside the school serving the main and auxiliary gyms), and Lower, serving outside events located by the football field.  When running the concessions stand your group will have to provide an adult volunteer to open, and one to close.  The 'Opener' is required to arrive ahead of the scheduled event to prepare the stand.  The 'Closer' ensures that the stand is tidied away, all washing up completed, counters cleaned etc., and the bank is counted and transferred to the Athletic Director.

    If your group or club is interested in signing up to run concessions, please email TJ Magill.  Training is required.
    Training classes are available for opening and closing the concessions stands.  It is important to know the health and safety rules that apply.  Training is required if your group is new to running concessions.  Refresher classes are also available for those who would like a refresher course.
    To request, or register for training please contact Kim Schroeder.


    Updated: 3/06/18