• Listening Resources for German Students

    A large number of listening resources are available for German students, at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Some of these resources are regularly used for students in upper-level German classes; others are optionally available for students at any level.

    SWR1 Leute (Recommended for AP German)

    This is a daily (M-F) talk show on SWR1, one of the public radio stations in the state of Baden-Württemberg, based in Stuttgart. Guests vary widely, and the tone is conversational. AP German students are required to listen to at least one of these shows a week and submit a short written summary.

    The best source for an online player, usable on the school network or at home, is the following link:

    SWR1 Leute on podster.de (Select "Alle ansehen" to see all shows available in the feed.)

    Schlaflos in München (Recommended for German 4-5 and AP students)

    This podcast, produced and hosted by Annik Rubens, is a great all-around listening resource for cultural news, book and film reviews, technology tips, and general all-around listening. To listen to single episodes, as well as to see the show's blog and forum sites, go to the website:


    To subscribe to the podcast, copy the following URL into iTunes or any other podcatching software, at the place where the program asks for the RSS feed of the podcast:


    (Note: clicking on the preceding link will not cause the show to play, but will instead take you to a page full of code. Instead, you should select and copy the address and add it to your podcatching client software.)

    Slow German (Recommended for students in German 3 and German 4-5)

    This podcast, which can also be listened to directly from the website, is produced by Annik Rubens of Schlaflos in München. It is directed toward students of German. The text of every show is displayed on the blog page for each episode. As the name implies, Annik presents a few paragraphs on a particular topic, and speaks rather slowly so the listener can follow along in the text.
    Other resources will be added to this list from time to time.