• Library Expectations

    Be mindful of personal space
    Talk quietly & respectfully
    Push in chairs & clean up work space
    Remember to renew or return items
    Take care of borrowed items
    Tell us if you lose or damage an item
    Be focused & use time wisely
    Finish work before pleasure
    Be patient, take turns & help others
    Library Hours 

    8:15 am - 3:45 pm Monday through Friday

    Students may visit the library any time between 8:15 and 3:30 with a pass from their teacher or dean.



    Library Circulation
    • BOOKS: Up to 5 items at a time. Books are checked out for a two week period and may be renewed as needed.
    • GRAPHIC NOVELS/MANGA: 2 at a time for two weeks.
    • AUDIOBOOKS and DVDs: 1 at a time for two weeks.
    • REFERENCE MATERIALS: Can be checked out for two weeks.
    *While we will never restrict a patron from checking out a book, if their account has overdue items or over 5 items out he/she may be required to select from a 2nd chance cart until their account is brought  into good standing.
    Library Holds

    A student may request a book to be put on hold by writing their first and last name, the title of the book, and the author of the book on a piece of paper and handing it in at the circulation desk. Holds will be processed in the order in which they are received. Students will be notified when their books is available.

    We can also borrow from other schools through our Inter-Library Loan service.


    Library Renew

    To renew a book simply bring it to the library to be rescanned and you may have it for another 2 weeks. Books may be renewed a maximum of three times. EXCEPTION: If a hold has been placed on the book by another student, the book can only be renewed once. (A "hold" is when someone has placed a request for a book when it is next returned.)


    Overdue / Missing & Damaged Books


    The library does not charge late fees, but students are expected to return or renew their books by the due date. If your library item is VERY overdue, you will not be permitted to borrow any more library books until the items are returned.
    Students will be charged for lost or damaged books. Librarians will provide to the patron the price for the lost or damaged item. Patrons may pay with check made out to ERMS or cash. Cash must be exact amount, as the library cannot make change.