•                         Newcomer's English
    This class focuses on acquiring key foundational skills, information, and language necessary for success in the classroom, as well as, for integration into the English-speaking environment of school and community. We will work on language acquisition through Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Development of language through vocabulary, basic parts of speech, grammatical structures, punctuation, conversational skills, and basic reading and writing skills will be covered. Students will also learn about cultural practices, and routines of the U.S. school system.
                         EWL 2
     This class will encompass all skills learned in Newcomer's English. We will continue to hone these skills while providing higher level, and more challenging lessons in grammatical structures, advanced vocabulary, reading, and writing techniques. This course will reinforce skills necessary for success in content area classes which students will be taking concurrent to EWL2.  
                         Advanced EL English
    This class is designed to improve the students' level of English in reading, writing, speaking, and listening on a more complex level.  Advanced grammatical constructs, more challenging vocabulary, critical reading skills, and advanced writing techniques will round out students' English language learning skill set. Study of literature and essay writing in preparation for grade level English courses are also  important components of the course.
    Literacy 1 
      In this course, beginning level ELL students  often start with few written English skills.The students improve their basic English language reading skills through studying how letters' sounds, combinations, and meanings make words; by learning to listen for the way sounds are spoken and read from their letters; and by connecting beginning vocabulary for everyday needs. Students read short passages, folk tales, and poems from cultures around the world and think about various ways to make what they read stay in their minds longer.
    L1st QuarterAGE LEARNERS
     Literacy 2
    This course is supplemental to EL English. Students will refine their skills  in reading. We will focus on reading for information, increasing reading speed, and comprehension, as well as developing vocabulary. Students will utilize classic short stories, and novels. They will also access information found in the local, and international newspapers. Attention will be given to development of phonemic awareness, and word attack skills  to help in decoding while reading, as well as, to aid in comprehension while developing analytical understanding of content.