Math Tournament



    NoVa Math Tournament 



    Why participate in a Math tournament: 

    • Strong Math skills developed at middle school ensure that students are ready to face the rigors of high school and college. This tournament is for students interested in Math in general, to try problem solving in a competitive yet fun atmosphere.

    • With regard to STEM, there are several team competitions available in Science, Technology and Engineering. Most Math competitions, however, focus on individual skill. As teamwork is essential to any problem solving in the real world, this tournament provides students with that opportunity.  

    Who can participate? 

    • Teams of 5 students from 6th, 7th or 8th grade

    • Students attending a public or private school, as well as home schooled students are eligible to participate

    • A team could have students attending different schools

    • A team could have students attending different grade levels

    • Each team is required to have a coach

    Tournament date: 
    • TBD

    Tournament location: 

    Stone Hill Middle School Cafeteria, 23415 Evergreen Ridge Drive, Ashburn, VA, 20148

    Tournament price: 

    • TBD

    How to register:  

    Online registration is closed. REGISTRATION
    Tournament format: 
    • There will be 3-4 rounds of competition – individual, team, tie-breaker (if needed) and play-off

    • During the individual round, each student will work alone on 10 timed problems

    • During the team round, all five team members are required to work collaboratively on 10 timed problems

    • In case of a tie, there will be a tie breaker round which will include additional timed problems to decide the winners

    • Play-offs will decide individual winners for each grade 

    Problem format and examples: 
    • The questions for individual, team, and play-off rounds will be word problems at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade level

    • No calulators are allowed for any round
    1. Sample Problem - Find the sum of the integers from –2007 through +2009, inclusive

    • Sample Problem - The pages of a book are consecutively numbered from 1 through 384. How many times does the digit 8 appear in this numbering

    • Sample Problem - Suppose it is now the month of November. What month will it be 100 calendar months from now? 

    Tournament awards: 
    • Certificates will be awarded to all participants of the tournament

    • In addition, trophies will be awarded to the winning teams and individuals at the end of the tournament to honor and celebrate talent and efforts 

    Tournament Co-Chairs: Shalini Pochiraju & Richard Wurst

    Contact: theMathTournament@gmail.com