Step 1 – Complete the Senior Profile and Parent Feedback Google formsNo later than October 11th, 2019.  

    Step 2 – Be actively working on your college applicationPay attention to deadlines!

    Step 3 - Go to Naviance Student and add schools to “Colleges I’m Applying To" 

    Step 4 – Are you applying to a school using the Common Application? If so, watch the Video on how to match your Common Application with Naviance Student.   

    Step 5 – Are you applying to a school that uses the Coalition Application?

    • The Coalition application works a little bit differently. Since we are a Naviance eDocs school, students using the Coalition Application will fill out the application online, then they will check the box to indicate that they’ll be sending their transcript separately (not via coalition). When you get to the locker portion of your Coalition Application, do not choose anyone in "Official Documents and Recommendations". Instead, request the teacher letter of recommendations be sent online through Naviance just like other colleges in general. However, if you are asking for a recommendation from someone outside of BWHS, then you should list that person in the recommendations section so they will be able to submit via Coalition. 

    Step 6 – Does the College/University require a teacher letter of recommendation? If so, follow the steps below. If not, no action is required.

    • Ask the teacher in person if they can write a letter of recommendation for you – Please allow 2 weeks for the teacher to complete a letter for you
    • Log-in to Naviance Student and request the teacher letter of recommendation electronically.
    • In the notes box include the following: Application deadline, What college you need the letter for, or do you need it for all, Do you need the Common App Teacher Evaluation Form completed in addition to the letter?
    • Teachers will fill out and submit an electronic letter of recommendation that will be sent with your other documents

    Step 7 - Bring the Transcript Release Form to the School Counseling Office Transcript Release Form

    Step 8 – Send official copy of standardized test scores (AP, SAT, SAT II) from www.collegeboard.org or ACT from www.actstudent.org to the school you are applying 

    Step 7 – Counselor will send all required documents

    You can track the submission of all documents through Naviance Student