Step 1 - Visit the Admissions Website of EACH College you plan to apply to for specific Application Requirements

     Pay attention to deadlines!  Here is a College Application spreadsheet to help you stay organized.

    Step 2 - Are you applying to a school using the Common Application?  You must match your account with SchooLinks (via LCPS GO).  Your Common App schools will now automatically be added to your SchooLinks College Application Manager. Additional SchooLinks Instructions

    Step 3 - Using SchooLinks add non-Common App schools to "College Application Manager".  

    Step 4 - Complete the Senior Brag Sheet in SchooLinks > To Do List > Senior Brag Sheet

    Step 5 - Does the College/University require a letter of recommendation?  If so, follow the steps below.  If not, no action is required.

    • Ask the teacher in person if they can write a letter of recommendation for you – enter request in SchooLinks - Please allow 2 weeks for the teacher to complete a letter for you
    • Teachers will fill out and submit a letter of recommendation electronically that will be sent with all other documents.

    Step 6- Have a parent/ guardian complete the Transcript Release Form via Permission Click 

    IMPORTANT - Documents will not be sent unless a transcript release form is submitted prior to the application deadline. 

    Step 7 - Send an official copy (if required) of your Test Scores (AP, SAT, ACT) from www.collegeboard.org or ACT www.actstudent.org to the colleges you are applying. Click here to find more information about testing.  

    Step 8 - Schedule a meeting with your counselor through Microsoft Bookings. Counselors will send all required documents electronically.

    You can track the submission of all documents through SchooLinks.

    Still on the hunt for Scholarships? CLICK HERE to learn how to set up Scholarship Matching in SchooLinks.  

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