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    Body Systems Project    

    For your project you need to complete the following:

    1. Research to find the following information on your topic: 

    What are the key components or organs of your system? (E.U. - Systems have design) 
    What is the purpose of this system? (E.U. - Systems have function)  
    How do the parts of the system interact? (E.U. - Parts of Systems Interact) 
    What are tips to keep this system healthy and effect the system negatively or positively? (E.U. - Systems can change, Systems have boundaries)

    2.Using the “Mini Me” page, sketch and label your body system.  This must be approved by your teacher before you go to the step.
    3.Draw and label a life-sized diagram of your body system including all key parts (include one 3D element).  
    4.Create a product to assist in presenting this information to the class.  
    5.Keep track of resources used in your Resource Log.

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