• Teacher:    Mrs. Janice Decker

    Rooms:      A-Day L605 & 407 and B-Day 407

    Email:        Janice.Decker@lcps.org


    Materials and Supplies

    *Students are expected to bring their own supplies everyday to class.

    • 3 ring binder, devoted only to this class  (1 ½ “ or 2”)
    • Pencils and pens (blue and black ink only)
    • Highlighter

    Class Rules and Expectations


    • Respect yourself, classmates, and teacher


    • Please keep the classroom CLEAN because we all have to share this space
    • Mrs. Decker asks students to start the day by using hand sanitizer, this will help reduce the germs in the room and assist with her health issues.
    • Please do not write on the desk
    • Before leaving class push in chairs, throw away all trash in recycling bin or trash can, and clear desk of any food, drinks, papers, or trash.


    • Follow the AUP (Acceptable User Policy) when using the Internet.
    • Do not use another person’s account/password to log into the system.
    • Cell phones should be put away during class unless Mrs. Decker instructs the class they can use them


    • You earn your grade. Your grade is determined by the effort and quality you put into your work.

    • Students are encouraged to participate in class and ask questions for clarification on material they do not understand. Class participation from all students creates an engaging and fun learning enviroment.
    • Grades are calculated on a points system, which means they are not weighted by category.
    • Students should complete all assignments by the assigned due date.
    • If you are absent, check Google Classroom, complete and turn in any missing assignments in a timely manner.
    • Staying organized will help you be successful in this course.
    • Ask for extra help if you need it. Students who need additional instructional time are encouraged to stay after school to receive help.
    • Freedom High School will follow the Loudoun County grading policy guidelines-LCPS Policy 5030.

    Academic Dishonesty

    • Assignments that have been copied from another student or plagiarized will NOT be accepted 
    • Plagiarism is defined as copying/stealing and passing off as one's own the ideas or words of another.
      • Using someone else's created production (words, art, music, etc.) without crediting the source, is plagiarism. 
      • Copying parts (as little as one sentence) or all of another student’s assignment is cheating.
      • Looking at someone else’s work during an assessment is cheating. 
      • Changing the name on another student’s work and submitting it is cheating. Attempting to use any notes or other aids on a closed-note assessment is cheating. 
    • Students will earn a ZERO on assignments where cheating or plagiarism is detected and parents will be notified
    • Students will be referred to administration for each violation
    •  It is understood that sometimes help is required from others; when this is the case the following rules apply:
      • No student is permitted to touch another student’s keyboard or mouse.
      • If you are “helping” a student you should not give them the answer. You should help them discover the answer. 

    Be on time, prepared, and ready to learn

    • Arrive to class with all materials and supplies
    • Place your back bag underneath the desk
    • When the bell rings, put cell phones away
    • Be engaged and actively participate in the lesson