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    You have been accepted by your college or have been hired for your first real job.

    Great and Congratulations!  
    While writing notes/letters has become a lost art---it is still an important thing to do! You are letting people know how much you appreciate the time they have taken on your behalf. However, you did not get there alone. People have helped you along the way (counselors, teachers, anyone who gave you a recommendation or proofread your essays). Show gratitude and keep the communication open between you and the people who helped you along the way.

    It is not hard to do. Follow the guidelines below:

    • Hand write your note whenever possible
    • The first sentence should include Thank you.
    • The second sentence should express how you will benefit from what was done for you
    • The next sentence should build a connection to the future
    • Lastly restate your thanks
    • Sign your name

    Address and mail it---You won't be disappointed!