• How Can I Meet With A PEER Helper?
    If you would like to meet with a PEER Helper, see Mr. Augustowski (Room 1605), Mrs. Rodgers (School Counseling Office) or your school counselor.  Arrangements will be made for you to meet with a PEER during school, usually at lunch or during Study Hall. Remember, confidentiality is one of the keys to our program.
    How Does Confidentiality Work?
    Confidentiality means that what is discussed with the PEER Helper will not be discussed with anyone else. 
    Are There Any Situations In Which Confidentiality Will Not Be Kept?
    Only if you indicate that you are in danger, you will hurt yourself, or if you will hurt someone else.
    What kind of problem can I talk about?
    PEER Helpers can help with many different problems, including but not limited to: relationships, family, grades, social, etc.
    What does PEER even do?
    We are trained in basic counseling skills to help with student needs. We also run multiple community oriented projects such as Treats For Troops, raising awareness for a multitude of causes, running social circles during the Belmont Ridge 8th Grade Expo, and many more.
Last Modified on June 6, 2018