• Responsibilities

    1.      Follow all school and Athletic Training Room rules while volunteering as an ATSA.

    2.      Be on time to practices and games.

    3.      Be dressed appropriately; you are representing yourself, the program and your school.

    4.      Be respectful of all student-athletes and their privacy. Everything that is said and done in the Athletic Training Room and on the field of competition is required to be kept confidential. It’s the law!

    5.      Be certified in First Aid, CPR and AED or be willing to learn.

    6.      Assist the Certified Athletic Trainer when your help is requested.

    7.      Maintain open communication with the Certified Athletic Trainer about any concerns or issues in regards to athletic training, a student-athlete’s condition or any other pertinent issues.

    8.      Ask questions! It will challenge you to lean and make the experience better.


    1.      Help to make sure that all student-athletes are following the Athletic Training Room rules.

    2.      Help fill coolers for practices and competitions.

    3.      Help with game set-up of water, ice and medical supplies for all home events (and possibly away Varsity football games). Make sure teams know where they can pick up their supplies for away events.

    4.      Help empty and clean out coolers after practices and games.

    5.      Help to wipe down/disinfect treatment and taping tables at the end of the night.

    6.      Help to organize the Athletic Training Room and make sure it is as clean as possible.

    7.      Help to make sure the supplies are fully stocked and prepared for daily activities.

    8.      Help with washing dirty towels and hot pack covers as well as storing them appropriately.

    9.      Help the student-athletes remember to sign in for treatments.

    10.  Help the student-athletes with hot and cold modalities as directed. Make sure they put away or discard supplies appropriately.

    11.  Help to facilitate rehabilitation exercises as directed by the athletic trainer.

    12.  Help the student-athletes clean minor wounds and cover appropriately.

    13.  Help with other requests from the Certified Athletic Trainer. Teamwork is key!