•  Helpful Parenting Resource Links 
    The Super 5 - "Be A Learning Hero" delivers the most trusted and meaningful information to help parents and guardians navigate the changes in the classroom and help kids succeed. Developed by Scholastic, National PTA and Learning Heroes.
    Decoding Dyslexia Virginia - A grassroots movement focused on linking families to resources, support, and educational interventions for dyslexia. They aim to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children and inform policy-makers on best practices to identify, remediate and support students with dyslexia in Virginia. Decoding Dyslexia Informational Flyer  (https://www.facebook.com/DecodingDyslexiaVirginia)
    Parent Checklist - U.S. Department of Education, National PTA and other organizations collaborated to create a Parent Checklist that offers key questions, tips for educational success and resources for parents.
    Digital Backpack - Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) released a guide to ensure your kids develop healthy digital habits by teaching them how to use technology wisely. Check out  Good Digital Parenting to Fill Your Child's Digital Backpack for the advice and tools you will need to guide their tech use at each stage of development.
    Smart Talk -  LifeLock and National PTA want you to know about www.TheSmartTalk.org, a new interactive online tool that lets parent-child duos set ground rules together about smart digital habits.