• HPE Department Expectations

    Locker room

    ·         Arrive before tardy bell rings

    ·         Have agenda each class:  for assessment dates & combination needs

    ·         Bring appropriate athletic shirt, shorts, shoes as depicted on the poster

    ·         Change clothes in front of your locker

    ·         Use restroom/get a drink of water

    ·         Sit in your assigned section, talk calmly and check board for class location

    *PLEASE refrain from aerosol sprays in locker room due to respiratory issues

    ·         Exit to gym when dismissed by a teacher

    ·         Loaners are available.  This is a one-time only privilege per quarter.

    Second loaner=phone call to parent to ask for organizational help

    Third loaner=parent phone call, lunch detention and referral to dean


    ·         Enter gym walking and talking in counterclockwise track direction

    ·         Locate YOUR attendance card and hand it to YOUR HPE teacher

    ·         Read board for conversation topic (if assigned) class objectives and activities

    ·         Follow basic participation expectations as listed on the poster in the gym

    Health class

    ·         Bring binder, paper, pencil and brain ready to learn

    ·         Remember it is a classroom, not a gym-please take turns speaking in a normal conversation tone

    ·         Practice active listening, respect, collaboration and communication

    Retest/Retake Policy and Procedures

    ·         MMS Policy link located on webpage

    ·         Responsibility and Ownership are a top priority

    Tardy Procedures for P.E. and Health class

    ·         When tardy, you must present a pass from teacher, counselor or administrator

    ·         Tardy without a pass results in consequences:

    Second tardy=phone call to parent to discuss solution to the problem

    Third tardy=parent call, lunch detention and referral to dean