• Weekly Update

    Posted by Kate Doherty on 1/9/2016

    Important Dates and Reminders:

    Jan. 11-Class Pictures (candid-for the yearbook-the photographer will be coming to the classrooms)

    Jan. 11-PTA Meeting, 6:30 pm

    Jan. 18-No school

    Jan. 19-STEAM assembly

    Jan. 22-Bingo Night

    Jan 29-Moveable Workday


    Hello Parents-

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break.  I enjoyed seeing my extended family, fun outings with my girls and a few lazy mornings to sit back and read or watch movies. Getting used to my alarm clock again this week was a bit of struggle for us all, but we are back and busy in Rm 8.

    In reading, we jumped right back into our reading groups working on retelling, responding to nonfiction text and making reasonable predictions.  Our focus for read aloud was determining the author’s message (lesson learned) from a fictional text.  We read many books from the series Howard B. Wigglebottom which are excellent stories to learn how to show good character, handle anger, be brave and even appreciate the act of giving over receiving.  All of these stories are in animated form at the website   wedolisten.org    Check it out with your child at home!

    I will be conducing midyear reading assessments (PALS and DRA) during the next couple of weeks.  These assessments are primarily for children who did not meet the Fall benchmark in September and to help me choose instructional leveled books for our reading groups.  Please be sure your child is reading each night at home and taking time to read aloud to you often to practice fluency.  The pacing of their reading is factored into their score, as well as their accuracy and expression. They will also be expected to retell the story in sequence and include many details from the story. 

    In math, we continued reviewing double digit addition with and without regrouping in our math centers.  Our guided math groups worked on constructing graphs and analyzing the data from different graphs.  We used circle graphs, bar graph and pictographs.  The students surveyed their peers to determine favorite winter activities, favorite snack food, favorite colors and favorite hobby.  Comparing the data to determine how many more or how many fewer groups have, as well as which ones have the most and least are how we are showing what we can learn from a graph.

    In science, we LOVED exploring with magnets this week.  We learned a lot about how magnets work, where we can find them in real life, and how they can be helpful to us.  We investigated how the push/pull force can both attract and repel,  how the force of attraction can pull through various materials, and which materials are attracted to magnets and which are not.  I sent home a study guide including the key vocabulary and concepts taught.  We will have a quiz on magnets on Monday. 

    Please make sure your child is logging on to REFLEX math to practice their math facts.  The weekly reports show that MANY students are only logging on during our math time and not doing any additional sessions at home.  We are beginning double digit subtraction next week, so knowing basic facts will make this computation much easier for your child.  Thank you!


    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. K. Doherty

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  • Weekly Update Oct 3

    Posted by Kate Doherty on 10/3/2015

    Hello Parents-

    I hope you are all staying warm and dry on this rainy Saturday! Perfect time to snuggle up with a good bookJ Thank you for those of you who have sponsored or found sponsors for our Read A Thon! We have until the end of next week to get as many sponsors as we can! Mr. Davis and Mrs. O’Hara have promised us a picnic lunch in the café with a dance party if we can exceed our sponsors from last year! We can do it!!

    This week, we focused on making connections in our reading. We read many of Kevin Henkes books and found that we had personal connections to the way the characters felt, events that happened in the story and problems the characters encountered. Many students wrote about their connections and shared them with me to video on the iPad. We are getting more comfortable sharing our ideas aloud and thinking more deeply about the books we read. Be sure to check us out on Twitter@kmdoherty123.

    Our writing mini-lessons are working on identifying complete and incomplete sentences. The children worked on fixing incomplete sentences and writing using 3 types of ending punctuation (. ! ?). At this point, the expectation is that ALL sentences will start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. We will finish off this unit next week and then move into Nonfiction Writing.

    *Spelling word study begins next week. Look for a spelling list and homework directions to come home on Monday.

    In math, we are working on building 3-digit numbers and writing them in standard and expanded form. We are using base ten manipulatives, dice, place value mats and memory match games to help us learn. We will begin comparing two and three digit numbers next week using the < and > symbols. In each guided math block, we are also focusing on our fact fluency. Rotations allow for time on Reflex Math and using Hot Dots electronic games to gain fluency with addition and subtraction facts. We had a few more students master the addition level this week with our timed Fast Facts tests!! YEAH!! I am so proud of how busy they are during our math rotations and what learning they are doing each day!

    In social studies, we wrapped up our unit on changing communities and compared pictures of Round Hill from 1900 to our town today. We also read about two other changing communities and identified the causes as growing populations and need for more housing and transportation. The children completed their community posters and wrote about how one community can change into another. Next week we will begin our science unit on Animal Habitats.

    Thank you to Mrs. Silverstein for signing on as our Tuesday morning helper each week. If anyone else is interested in coming in on a regular basis from 7:50-8:20 to work with students on Wednesday or Thursday mornings, please email me and let me know. I am also preparing to plan our Fall Party for Friday October 30. I would appreciate a second room parent to assist Jen Jones in coordinating this event. Thank you in advance for donating your time to your child’s classroom.

    I am scheduling 1st Quarter conferences beginning the week of October 12. Look for a sign up genius email to come soon!

    Upcoming important dates and reminders:

    Tuesday, October 6- Family Science Night 6pm

    Wednesday, Oct 7- Spirit Night at Tropical Smoothie

    **Thursday is Library Day so return all library books or bring back to renew.

    Monday, October 12- NO SCHOOL- Columbus Holiday


    Enjoy your weekend!

    Kate Doherty

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  • Weekly Update Sept 25

    Posted by Kate Doherty on 9/25/2015

    Hello Parents! 

    This was a great week of learning and lots of READING!  I have been working one on one with the children to get a beginning of the year reading assessment.  The kids are showing such great reading strategies and sight word vocabulary!  We have been reading nonfiction this week to learn about Susan B Anthony and Helen Keller.  After making bubble charts full of facts we learned about them, we compared how they are alike and different.  The kids noted how the both were determined and wanted to help others. They also noticed that both women overcame difficult situations to make a change.  We wrote about how their lives were important and began making our own Famous American book to record all the important people we learn about this year. 

    I sent home your child's login information for Raz-Kids.  This is a wonderful reading website for your child to use regulary.  I have set up each child with leveled books appropriate for their reading skills.  They just log on and READ!  Each book is followed by a quiz to check their comprehension of the books completed.  I can see reports of thier progress and focus on skills they are having difficulty with.  Please try it out this weekend:)

    In math, we are skip counting and finding number patterns.  We are working to count up to 100 by 2, 5 and 10 starting anywhere on the hundred chart. The kids have been working on using nickels to count by 5's and dimes to count by 10's.  We have used skip counting to answer real-world questions, such as how many legs or fingers are in our classroom. We will be moving in to 3 digit place value next week.  We also completed 3 Fast Fact sessions this week, with many kids beating thier personal best!  I will pull tickets next week to see who gets to have lunch in the classroom as a reward:)

    Monday kicks off our READ-A-THON!!!!  Please read my note below to get the details of how you and friends and family can help raise money for our school while encouraging our kiddos to READ!!

       Our Read-A-Thon begins Monday!  To go along with Mr. Davis' theme for our school year, "One," our Read-A-Thon theme is Reading is One-derful!  
        We will be reading in class for 30 minutes a day for the next 10 days, giving the kids each a total of 300 minutes!  Supporting the kids in their reading effort is as easy as 1-2-3!
    1) Please ask them about what they are reading and encourage them!
    2) Donate and/or pass this email on to anyone who may wish to support them in their efforts.  Options for doing this can be found by clicking the link below.  Donations are tax deductible.  This is our only fundraiser for the school year and is essential for providing our school with supplemental supplies.  Please make sure to include my name, Kate Doherty, so we can get credit for every donation.
    3) Leave them an encouraging message on our message board on the website.  These notes will be read on the morning show at the school.
    Every child in the school will get a new book for participating.  Additionally, the child with the most sponsors in our class will get a clip book light and the child that brings in the most money will get a special edition T-shirt.  Finally, if our class brings in the most money in the school, we will get a gigantic pillow for our reading area!
    Thank you!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Mrs. K. Doherty
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  • Weekly Update

    Posted by Kate Doherty on 9/18/2015

    Important Dates and Reminders:

    Monday, September 21- Running With The Stars begins!  If your child is registered, be sure to send in a dismissal note giving your permission to stay after school.  I hope to see many of the kiddos out on the track:)

    Thursday is our LIBRARY day so be sure to pack up your library books the night before.

    Wednesday, Sept 23- PBIS Assembly highlighting student projects

    Volunteer opportunities are available for sign up at http://vols.pt/vwU25J.  I would love to have a second Room Parent to help coordinate our upcoming Fall Party in October!

    **Please submit your online Scholastic Book Orders by tomorrow morning.  I will be submitting the order this weekend so we will have our books delivered by the end of September.  Thank you for these orders.  I use the bonus points from your orders to stock our classroom library.  I am excited to get some new favorites for the kids!

    *Please remember to send in $5.50 for your child's Scholastic Magazine subscription. Thank you, if you have already turned it in:)


    Hello Parents-

    What a great week we had! Everyone is getting into the routines and starting to feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and working together.  I LOVE how encouraging the kiddos are with each other and how well everyone is getting along.  Everyone is helping out with classroom jobs and taking on small responsibilities to help out our classroom.  My helpers this week did a great job with gathering our trash cans, passing out papers, shutting off our lights and holding the door for classmates.  We all worked together on our Music Video for our bathroom song "Flush It Baby".  The kids rocked this project and had such fun! I will be posting our final product music video on our webpage Monday.  Stay tuned!!

    In math, we got into full swing with our Guided Math lessons on odd and even numbers.  The kids were sorting numbers into groups, identifying odd and even numbers around the room in an I SPY activity, playing a dice game using odd and even numbers and creating numbers to show odd or even patterns.  We also reviewed ordinal number positions by making ice cream hats, lining up in scrambled order and using pattern shapes to identify each shape's position in line.  Next week, we will focus on skip counting number patterns counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.  We will practice counting from various numbers on the hundreds chart and use nickels and dimes to make the connection to counting money.  We also took a Fast Facts test again this week and I am so proud of the many students who beat their score from earlier in the week!  Keep practicing!  Your child should be using REFLEX online 2-3 times a week at home for about 15 minutes a session.

    Our reading focus this week was retelling a story in sequence.  We LOVED the story Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon and used this as our read aloud.  The children learned a valuable lesson about standing up for yourself and appreciating your unique qualities.  Molly Lou was very different from the other kids, but those differences are what made her who she was.  The children listened to this story twice over two days and then retold the important events and illustrated them using an organizer.  We hung our TALL Molly Lou retellings in the hallway to share!  We also finished our SGA reading test sessions this week.  I have been working one on one with the students to assess their sight word vocabulary and phonics skills using PALS.  We will focus more on oral reading and comprehension assessments over the next 2 weeks.

    In social studies, we are comparing 3 types of communities.  Rural, Urban and Suburban are all different communities when we look at the population, transportation, and homes in each type.  We will also look at how Round Hill has changed from a rural community to a suburban community over the years.  The children will show what they have learned by creating a poster of a community including important characteristics.  We will work on these in class later next week.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Maybe I will even see some of you at the Bluemont Fair:)


    Mrs. K. Doherty


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  • Weekly Update

    Posted by Kate Doherty on 9/11/2015

    Important Dates and Reminders:

    *Monday, Sept. 21 is PICTURE DAY! Our scheduled time is 12:20.  SmileJ

    *Thursday is our LIBRARY DAY so be sure to send in your child’s library books.

    **Running With The Stars afterschool running program begins on Sept 21.  I am coaching this program alongside Mrs. Patterson and would love for your children to join if they love running or are interested in trying.  We will run a 5K together on Dec. 6.  Check out our RHES website to clink the link for more info.

    *Please sign the behavior calendar in your child’s RED take home folder at the end of each week.

    *Please send in $5.50 for your child’s Scholastic Magazine subscription, if you have not done so already.


    Hello Parents-

    This has been a very busy week for your second grader! I am posting pics on Twitter throughout our week, so be sure to click on the link from my webpage if you don't have access to Twitter.

    We have been working hard on our PBIS Mission.  The second graders have been given the Mission to teach the bathroom expectations for our school community.  We decided to create a music video together and show it at our school assembly or morning news show.  The kids have been learning the lyrics to the song we created about cleaning up the bathroom and following the rules.  It is quite catchy, I must say!  Have your child sing it to you at home.  The most exciting part of this project was our Face Time session with a real music video producer this week!  We asked him questions about how to make a video, what equipment we could use, who he has worked with and what he likes about his job.  The kids were SO excited!  Today we recorded  our soundtrack and next week we will work on our video. 

    The students took the math component of our Student Growth Assessment (SGA) this week.  They did really well staying on task and trying their best.  We will take the reading component next week and then compare this data with our end of year SGA assessments.  I can’t wait to see how much they improve!

    In reading, we have focused on our comprehension of fiction text and have read books about good character and how to stop bullying behavior.  The kids really enjoyed Howard B. Wigglebottom’s lesson in his story, “Be Brave, Be Bold, A Teacher Must Be Told”.  We wrote about being a friend and made STOP Bullying signs to hang in our hallway.  We will continue talking about good citizenship as we begin our unit on Communities next week.  The kids are learning their reading/writing center routines and will begin rotating through them independently next week while I begin PALS assessments with each child. The PALS gives me data on the phonics skills your child has mastered and sight word vocabulary.

    The kids are doing with their reading stamina already! We had 15 minutes of solid independent reading time today.  This is a great opportunity for me to scoot up next to individual students to listen to their reading and conference with them about their books.  We are loving our time to pick our favorites and find a great spot to READ!

    In math, we began our guided math rotations this week. The kids were able to work on basic fact fluency, addition skills used in our game BUMP, ordinal number positions using pattern shapes and guided math instruction by a teacher.  We also began our Fast Facts timed tests this week.  The kids all begin on the Addition Level 1 with facts sums up to 12.  Once mastered they move to Addition Level 2.  I already have 2 students showing mastery and on Level 2!  WooHoo! 

    Our writing focus has been in responding to the books we read.  We are working on using complete sentences, beginning each with a capital letter and ending with punctuation.  Handwriting skills tend to weaken over the summer, so I am encouraging proper letter formation and use of handwriting lines to help guide us.

    Math homework started this week.  Thank you for any and all support you provided your child at home with this.  The packet is mean to be a review of what we are currently learning or a review of a skills form the week prior.  You are allowed to help your child through the packet or check over what they do independently.  If the work becomes frustrating for your child, please just take a break and try again the next day. 

    Thank you to those of you who have already signed up to volunteer in our classroom.  I am in need of Friday Folder helpers, Copy helpers, and small group volunteers.  Please go to http://vols.pt/vwU25J to sign up.  I would love your helpJ  Please download and fill out the Volunteer attachment from LCPS if you plan on helping out this year.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Mrs. K. Doherty

    RHES 2nd grade


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