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      Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School PTO

    Welcome to all Parents & Children of Lincoln!
    Your PTO is excited for the coming school year.

    The PTO is open to all parents and each of you is a member just by being a parent at Lincoln. Our meetings are once a month, usually at school in the evening and are open to all. We do not charge a dues to join and we welcome participation on your part. The primary goals of the PTO is to raise money, provide after school enrichment opportunities and support our Teachers.
    Our goal is to provide after school enrichment programs that are 4 pronged; they will be based on STEM, Agriculture, The Arts, including music and drama and Get Moving themes..there should be something for everyone.
    We will continue with a special spirit day once a month to reflect different themes.
    We will be family oriented and come together for our annual Spaghetti Dinner, Reading Under The Stars and Auction Fundraiser.
    We will have new options for Lincoln Spirit wear to show our school pride.
    We will have new fundraising options, as well as having the candles that were so popular last year.
    We will have an online app based Student and Family Directory - which is a real life saver and very helpful. This app is free to all our parents and costs are covered by the PTO.
    We will have a great Science Fair in March & a super Read A Thon in January and February.
    Thank you for all that you do and we look forward to a wonderful year!
    In Partnership,
    Cara Orenzuk
    President PTO
    Welcome Letter  (pdf copy)