Meadowland Elementary School Library Check Outs

    Update August 2020: 
    Due to the ongoing global health crisis, check out is currently not available to students at LCPS schools. Please visit this website often for updated information. 

    Welcome to the library. We have a wonderful collection of books to enjoy! 

    The students at Meadowland Elementary will visit the library with their class each week. Each child will be able to check out library materials according to the suggested circulation limits below: 

    •           STEP Preschool-one book that remains at school
    •           Kindergarten-one book to start, then two books
    •           First and second grades-two books
    •           Third, fourth and fifth grades-two items

    Library materials should be returned each time your child has library class. Students will be permitted to check out additional items unless they have items that are overdue. Renewals will be allowed unless there is a waiting list for the book. Students may visit the library on additional days to exchange books with a teacher's permission. Students may also check out additional books for projects.

    We hope that each student will be responsible for taking care of the books that he/she borrows from the library.  Books should be kept away from pets, food, and all liquids. If a book or magazine is lost or damaged beyond repair, the student's parent/guardian will be asked to pay to replace the item.





Last Modified on August 21, 2020