• DEC 1 Cards: 

    • Your 10th grade Driver Education teacher will give you your DEC 1 when you complete Driver Education
      • This means you have passed the class and attended a Partners For Safe Teen Driver Meeting with a parent. 
    • If you have lost your DEC 1. You will need to email your teacher to get a new one. This may take a while. 


    Behind the Wheel

    • In order to do BTW at Freedom we recommend that you have at least 30 hours of driving completed and have had your permit for close to the 9 months
      • If you are involved in an activity around when you are eligable for your license and would like to do it sooner, we can try to accomodate your schedule.
    • To get signed up fill out the attatched forms and take them to the main office with payment. You can also ask any driver education teacher for hard copies. 
    • If you have any questions please come see Mrs. Gibbons or Mrs. Adamczak in the womens PE office or gyms. 


    Forms to fill out ALL FORMS and submit to Freedom's Main Office with Payment!

    Behind the Wheel Registration

    BTW Parent Permission Form

    BTW Registration Part 2


    Common Behind the Wheel questions:

    • Do I do it by myself?
      • No you will drive with another student that we will pair you with. If you have a friend you would like to do it with. Turn your paper work in around the same time and writeon it that you would like to go together
    • How many days do I drive?
      • 7 days - You will drive 50 minutes and Observe for 50 minutes, while the other student is driving
      • We can drive in the mornings or afternoons!
    • When should I get my paperwork in if I want to do it a certain time?
      • The sooner the better! If you have a certain week that you want to do it, or so it can line up with the day you are eligable for your license, get your paperwork in early. It is first come first serve, and it is easier to put you on the schedule so you can have that time
    • How much does it cost?
      • $225. you can pay with a check payable to LCPS or online! 
    • Any other questions don't hesitate to ask Mrs. Gibbons or Mrs. Adamczak!


    We are looking forward to Driving with you! 


Last Modified on February 4, 2020