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    Falcon Image Hawley, Tina
     Science Department 
     Who am I?
    • Taught Physics at the University of Kentucky as undergrad
    • Teaching Physics and AP Physics for 16 years –CollegeBoard Trained
    • Taught in 2 LA suburbs, was a mentor teacher in CO, in LoCo 7th year
    • Adjunct Physics Professor U of Denver
    • Virtual Loudoun Physics Teacher


    My 2019-20 Schedule:


    Tutoring is available every morning from 8:30-9:10 in room 508 or 507

     1st  Planning Room 508  5th  Planning Room 508
     2nd  AP Physics Room 508  6th  AP Physics Room 508
     3rd  Physics Room 508  7th  Physics Room 508
     4th  Physics Room 508  8th  Study Hall Room 508
    Course Information
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    Phoenix Gradebook
    Physics assignments and course materials can be found at "Briar Woods Physics" using the link to Loudoun Vision below. Your child is enrolled as a member of this course and can log on with the same username and password that they use on any school computer. Parents may log in as a guest using the password BWHPhysics18. 
    Extra Curricular Positions
     - None
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