What happened in the story?

    Retelling   - During/After reading

       ¨     Main idea and supporting detail

       ¨     Sequence of events

       ¨     Characters

       ¨     Setting

       ¨     Plot

       ¨     Problem and solution

       ¨     Response to text-specific vocabulary and language


    ]   What happened in the story or the subject of the book in her or his own words?

    ]   Include details about the characters in the retelling; can she or he explain the relationships between the characters?

    ]   Describe the setting? How detailed is the description?

    ]   Recall the events of the story, and can she or he place them in the correct sequence?

    ]   Identify the problem and the resolution.

    ]   Use vocabulary from the text.

    How can I retell a story?

    Graphic Organizers

    Sequence words

    http://www.pawneeschools.com/pages/uploaded_images/jhgylevg14397.jpg®  Five Finger retell:








    1.    Who was the story about?

    2.   Where did it take place?

    3.   What happened at the beginning?

    4.   What happened in the middle?

    5.   What happened at the end of the story? 


    J In the beginning,

    J  Next,

    J   Then,

    J After that,

    J In the end,






           Use sequencing words to transition to each important element in your retelling.  The more details you can provide – the better!!