• Student Personal Devices Policy

    The use of a personal device in my classroom is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. I will allow the use of personal devices ONLY for academic purposes and ONLY at my discretion.
    Your responsibilities for your personal device include:
    • Sending or displaying school-appropriate content on your device
    • Storing it in your backpack or locker on silent or “Do Not Disturb” mode when not using it
    • Protecting it with a case
    • Labeling it with your name (so it can be returned if lost)
    • Charging it at home
    You should ask my permission if you would like to use your personal device for an academic purpose outside of a classroom activity (i.e. taking pictures of the daily agenda or homework assignments).
    Depending on the circumstances, inappropriate use of a personal device may result in:
    • A request to store your device in your backpack.
    • A clinic on appropriate use of personal devices.
    • Having your device temporarily confiscated.
    Updated 8-31-15