• A French tutor is a valuable resource for those students who are falling behind with the curriculum, are striving to keep up with structures and vocabulary introduced and practiced in class, or need to improve their overall study and/or organizational skills as they relate to the study of a foreign language.  Their need for remediation is greater than the time I have available for extra help every week after school.
    When I worked as a tutor, I usually recommended that students begin with a tutor 2 times per week for a few weeks until the student is caught up with the curriculum.  At which time, the tutor and student can then decide how often they need to meet.  Often, students will continue to meet with their tutors once per week, just to make sure they keep up with their homework and understand new concepts as they are introduced and do not fall behind again.
    Please know that, with parent permission, I am happy to collaborate with your child's tutor to help focus their work with their tutors to those areas that need the most remediation.  Also, once students begin working with their tutors and are caught up with the curriculum, I am happy to provide extra help again to them either after school or by appointment.  Please contact the tutors directly to check on their availability, as well as to discuss their fees and policies.  When I tutored, the going rate was between $40-75/hour.
    Click on the file below to find a French tutor.  If you find that a tutor is not accepting new students or if the information I have listed is incorrect, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can update the list accordingly.
    Bon courage!
    Mme. Rainey
Last Modified on October 22, 2012