Looking for a book to read next?
    Unsure about what to read? Here's another website to help you find a good choice. You type in the last book you loved, and the site will give you some suggestions. For example, if I type in that I loved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the site suggests books like The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan and the Pendragon series by D J MacHale. You can click titles for details or to find out where to purchase and create favorite lists - and it's all free!
    Another great site that can help you choose your next book is the AR Book Finder site. You can search for books or can enter your state to access the VA Readers' Choice List for grades 6-8. You can look at the 2013-2014 list, as well as lists from recent years. Each entry lists the book title and description, as well as the reading level. There are keys to help you understand the numbers (for example, a 6.1 book would mean a 6th grade, first month reading level). Like What Should I Read Next, AR Book Finder gives you links to purchase books if you choose but is completely free to use.
    Looking for a book in a particular genre?
    Check out this Ultimate Library List from the Book Whisperer! This list is helpful because it lists popular books and their authors, as well as book genres and whether or not a book is part of a series. The Ultimate Library List is on pages 4-10 of the PDF.
      Looking for a book in a specific series?
    This Public Library site allows you to find books (for juveniles/young adults) in series. For example, clicking "Harry Potter" brings up a list of the number and title of each book in the series.
    Happy Reading!