• Considered to be the most fundamental of all the sciences, Physics seeks to understand and explain the behavior of matter and energy. Students will recognize that innumerable phenomena can be explained by a surprisingly small collection of related concepts. This course uses a highly mathematical approach to physics. It presumes a good, working knowledge of Algebra II and Trigonometry. Skills in laboratory procedures, quantitative manipulations, and graphical analysis are developed, including the use of appropriate technology applications.

    Units covered include forces and motion, electricity and magnetism, waves, optics, and modern physics.

    Students are expected to keep all lab work and discussion notes in an orderly notebook. Homework is given on a nightly basis in order for the student to be prepared for the following class. Since all concepts are developed through activities and laboratory work, class attendance is vitally important.

    A well prepared Physics student would be prepared to take the SAT II Physics Subject Test (with some additional topics covered independently). This course is a college preparatory Physics course. Students who previously completed Conceptual Physics will not be awarded another science credit for taking Physics.