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    In science, we guide our students through the research process to hypothesize, test, and refine their procedures to help them make new discoveries that they can then apply to their understandings of the world around them.  Below is an overview for the concepts in Science that we will explore this year.


    1st Quarter

    • Metric Measuring Procedures - Use Metric units to make accurate measurements.  We also work with identifying the parts of an experiment, and constructing experiments to tests their hypothesis.
    • Water – We explore properties that are unique to water.


    2nd Quarter

    • Watersheds – How to protect our water resources, and water management strategies to help our communities to keep their water clean.
    • Atmosphere – Look at key characteristics that makes up our atmosphere, and how the atmosphere changes further up you go.


    3rd Quarter

    • Atmosphere (cont.)
    • Weather – we explore how atmospheric conditions like humidity, barometric fronts, and weather fronts produce our ever-changing weather patterns.
    • Matter - we explore the basic foundation of all matter, including atoms, molecules, and compounds.  We end the unit with using chemical compounds to create and record chemical reactions.


    4th Quarter

    • Energy & Energy Resources – Students learn how energy can change forms, and identify the advantages and disadvantage of conventional and clean energy resources.
    • Space – Students explore the Earth’s interactions with the Sun & Moon, and characteristics of other celestial bodies in our Solar System.


Last Modified on August 24, 2018