•  AES PTO- Business Partners

    Thank you to the following businesses for supporting the Ashburn Elementary PTO.
    If you would like to become a business partner with the AES PTO, please see the below information. 

    Gold Business Partners



    Silver Business Partners

      Kickers                     Huntington
    44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, Unit 108   
                             44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza
             Fuddruckers Top Golf   
                               44036 Pipeline Plaza                            20356 Commonwealth Center Drive
                      11130- 1 South Lakes Drive                          11250 Roger Bacon Drive Unit #113
                           Reston, VA 20191                                              Reston, VA 20190            
              20365 Exchange Street, Suite 300
                       Ashburn, VA 20147

    Bronze Business Partners


    Opportunities for businesses to sponsor AES PTO:

    • Hold an event / After School Activity and give a portion of the proceeds back to AES PTO.
    • Offer ongoing discounts to AES families throughout the school year.
    • Host a Restaurant / Family Activity Spirit Night
    • Donate food/drinks for an event (Staff Luncheons, Bingo Night, Watch DOGS event, etc.)
    • Provide Volunteers for an event

    Types of advertising sponsorships opportunities at AES:

    • Full/half page ads in our student agenda (limited availability)
    • Full/half page black & white ads in the AES PTO membership directory (limited availability)
    • Grade Level t-shirts (limited availability)
    • 5th Grade D.A.R.E. t-shirts (limited availability)

    Please note advertising sponsors will still be recognized on the 3 levels of sponsorships (see below) but since they are not sponsoring an event they will not be provided event marketing opportunities.

    Marketing of the Event:

    • AES PTO will make their own flyers to advertise the event and mention the sponsor.
    • The flyers that AES PTO makes will be posted on the AES PTO website, Facebook page, and eNewsletter.  The AES PTO flyers will also be sent home in the weekly communication folders to the AES families.
    • A direct link to a business website can be added to the PTO website
    • Businesses CANNOT hand out their own business flyers, coupons, literature or any other form of advertisement to the students or their families on school property or at other AES PTO sponsored events.
    • Tables CANNOT be set up at AES PTO events and business flyers, coupons, literature or any other form of advertisement CANNOT be handed out at the event or put on families cars parked outside of the event.

    Recognition of business partners:

    • 3 Levels of sponsorship
      • Gold >$750 in donations
      • Silver $250 – 749 in donations
      • Bronze $100 - $249 in donations
    • All businesses sponsors will be thanked on Facebook, the PTO website and the monthly PTO newsletter.
    • Businesses may hang a banner (provided by the business) during the event they sponsor.
    • All Silver and Gold Business partners will have their logo hung on the PTO Bulletin Board during the current school year they are partners with AES PTO.
    • Donation totals may include an estimate for intangibles like volunteer time, as determined by the AES PTO.  This is only for Business Partners who send their employees with no connection to AES to volunteer and help at our events.

    Business Partners interested in helping the AES PTO purchase a large Capital Expense item, please email the President at AESPTOpres@gmail.com to inquire how you can help and with what large items we are fundraising towards.  Business Partners who choose to help purchase large capital expense items will get recognition for their donation in the best form see fit by the AES PTO and their Company banner hung in the halls of AES for 2 consecutive school years.