• Ursa Major Team Practices

    a.      Retakes: (1) All formatives and homework completed prior to original test date. (2) Student must initiate and demonstrate effort made to prepare for the retest. Examples: meet with the teacher for remediation, quiz corrections.

    b.      Homework: Teachers will generally assign 30 minutes or less of homework per class meeting. Homework assignments count for 8% of the student’s grade.

    c.       Makeup Work: Students are responsible to pick up their missed work no later than the next class period for each class. Students are strongly encouraged to pick up missed work the day they return to school. Extra time allowed follows the Harmony policy. Teachers are available at resource to assist students.

    d.      Tardy Policy: Students are attentive to the teacher and prepared for class (binders, pencil, etc.) when the bell rings. Return trips to lockers after the bell will result in a tardy. (NOTE: in order to delineate the two categories of tardiness, teachers will note either TARDY LATE (TL) or TARDY UNPREPARED (TU).

    e.     Teacher availability: During 1st and 5th block resource. Before and after school, students should arrange with the individual teacher.