• Quarter 1   9 Week Plan

    Week 1:  Assessment of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  

    Week 2:  Library Orientation.  Observe parts of textbooks.  Compare fiction and nonfiction material.  Check out choice reading book. Begin to study base word "phil" and vocabulary containing that base. Create visual images of "phil" base words. Begin a collection of index cards containing "phil" words.

    Week 3: Study prefixes "re" and "un" and words/definitions using these prefixes.  Begin to analyze homophones and puns. Begin to read short non-fiction book "Expedition 40" to identify new vocabulary and translate.

    Week 4: Study suffixes "able" and "ible" and words/definitions using these suffixes.  Continue to analyze homophones and puns. Study use of Venn Diagram and apply compare/contrast to "Expedition 40" story. Begin to use strategies to expand detail in writing.

    Week 5: Study base word "foli" and words containing that base.  Study past tense regular verb form conjugations. Begin to use strategies to highlight important information when taking notes.

    Week 6:  Create word families of  academic vocabulary words.  Create a vocabulary web of the word family for "season."  Using the vocabulary web as a resource, complete a vocabulary wheel to link new and known words together. 

    Week 7:  Begin study of visual images for objects and places in Colonial America.  Begin to create a "picture album" of visuals to prepare for Claude Moore field trip.

    Week 8: Choose a children's story to read aloud to a Head Start buddy.  Study "dis" and "ill" prefixes.  

    Week 9:  Study "tion" suffix and its meaning.  Review and assess knowledge of bases "phil" and "foli," prefixes "re," "un," "dis," "ill," and suffixes "able," "ible," and "tion," and word family "season."